We supply a wide range of fabrics in stock and can also have drapes made up to your specification.


Wool Serge:

wool serge

This fabric is thick and felt-like to the touch. It is ideal for long runs of drapes and is an economical option when a large amount of drapery is required. This drape is also good for venues where acoustic insulation is required.


Trevera :

trevira drapes

This is a thinner fabric which is quite silky looking. These drapes are a good decorative option as they fall beautifully. We will steam them onsite to ensure they look they best on installation.



star cloth

This drape consists of black fabric studded with hundreds of tiny LED lights. The effect is similar to the night’s sky – hence the name.



voile drapes

This is a sheer fabric which is ideal for decorative purposes where a soft effect is required. This is good for creating a room within a room for VIP areas for instance. It can also be used to soften the look of other drapes.



velour drapes

This fabric has a luxurious velvety look and feel and comes in a variety of colours.




We provide flattage boards cut to size and covered in your choice of colour and fabric. Our in-house wood working department can create fully customised sets for exhibitions, conferences and product launches.

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