Whether you are transforming a room for a one off event or want to create a permanent feature in your venue we can help.



Soft scene example image

Imported from the US, this is the telescopic polework system we use to suspend our drapes from. This means that your venue need not have fixing points and we will not touch the walls with our drapes. This is an advantage for most hotels and/or listed buildings where attaching anything to the walls is prohibited. This polework system comes in bays of 12ft wide and allows a maximum height of 17ft.



Truss Drapes Installation

Where heights above 17ft are required we can use truss rigging. This is very structurally stable and also allows wider spans to be achieved than with the softscene system. As with softscene this is usually used when we are supplying temporary event drapes.


Wire Rigging:

wire Rigging Installation

This involves the permanent installation of load tested fixing points into your venue. The drapes are then suspended from high tensile wires between the fixing points. This enables us to get the drapes much closer to the walls than with the above methods and is usually more suitable for venues who want the flexibility to have drapes installed regularly or permanently. This method has the benefit of being discreet when it is not in use.


Permanent Polework:

Permanent Polework

An alternative and more hard-wearing option for permanent and frequent installations would be to have polework installed in your venue. This will allow us to install the drapes directly onto the poles with no need for additional rigging or vertical poles.


Curtain Rails:

Curtain Rail Installation picture

Where drapes are required to be opened and closed we can install permanent curtain rails which are either curved or straight depending on the application.